Fundamental Analysis

Forex Technical Analysis Traders: Beware Today

Forex Fundamental Traders Get Ready For US Non-farm Payrolls & Canadian Employment Change. Today, we have Major News Releases from USA and Canada.  Big data releases like Employment Change and Unemployment Rates are going to be announced today at 6.00 PM(IST). US NOn-farm Payrolls: This weak we may expect good figures in Non-farm Employment change.  If this happens, USD may ...

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Forex Fundamental Analysis – FOMC Meetings Minutes

Fundamental Analysis for Forex Trading: We have US Federal Fund Rate ahead today at 18.00 GMT (11.30 IST) and and New Zealand Official Cash Rate at 21.00 GMT (2.30 IST).  Both Interest Rates may influence the Currency movements significantly.  Intra-day Forex Traders are advised to keep an eye on those Data Releases. US Federal Fund Rate: As we are expecting rise ...

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What Happened After Fed Talks

Forex Charts Technical Analysis after Fed Talks on Federal Fund Rate. After the Federal Reserve discussions on 18th, All the Pairs what are in the Down trend paused for a while and temporarily changed their direction.  Pairs like, EUR/USD. EUR/JPY, GBP/USD, AUD/USD have changed their direction to the North side. But, we can expect their original direction in a short ...

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US Non-Farm Payrolls on 05-12-14

Forex Fundamental Trading with US Nonfarm Payrolls Today, 2 Major Economy’s Data is going to be released at 13.30 GMT.  Because of the importance of the News, so much impact will be there in some Charts.  Beware of US and CAD Charts. At 13.30 GMT, USA Non-Farm Employment Change and Unemployment Rate Data is going to be released.  Previous Non-Farm ...

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Beware of Data Releases

Technical Traders… beware of Data Releases.  Otherwise, they may Surprise you! Though you are trading based on Pure Technical Analysis, you should be aware of Fundamentals also.  Because, most of the times Technical Analysis works.  But at the time of Data releases, for the time being, impact of the released Data dominates it. Some times, you might have experienced that; ...

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