Forex Technical Analysis Traders: Beware Today

Forex Fundamental Traders Get Ready For US Non-farm Payrolls & Canadian Employment Change.

Today, we have Major News Releases from USA and Canada.  Big data releases like Employment Change and Unemployment Rates are going to be announced today at 6.00 PM(IST).

US NOn-farm Payrolls: This weak we may expect good figures in Non-farm Employment change.  If this happens, USD may get Stronger and again Technical Traders can look for Sell Setups in EURUSD.  In another case, if Non-farm figures are less compared to Last month, we can witness EURUSD moving North side.  This may result in EURUSD uptrend technically.

Technical Traders, especially, Intra-day and Swing Traders beware of Data releases today.  Maintain block out period before two hours of US Non-farm Payrolls and Unemployment Rate.

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Happy Trading.

Forex Technical Analysis Traders: Beware Today

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