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Beware of Data Releases

Technical Traders… beware of Data Releases.  Otherwise, they may Surprise you! Though you are trading based on Pure Technical Analysis, you should be aware of Fundamentals also.  Because, most of the times Technical Analysis works.  But at the time of Data releases, for the time being, impact of the released Data dominates it. Some times, you might have experienced that; ...

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7 Qualities of A Successful Trader

If you want to be a successful trader in any kind of market, you should maintain some qualities.  If you implement those qualities in your trading, no one can stop you to become successful trader. Patience: Patience plays key role in trading.  “Don’t search for the opportunities, let the opportunities to come”.  It is not that you have to trade ...

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Advantages of Forex

Advantages of Trading Forex: As a Trader, one can find so many reasons and advantages in Foreign Exchange Market. 1. 24 Hour Market: Since the Forex Market is world-wide, trading continues as long as there is a market somewhere in the world.  Trading starts when market opens in Australia on Monday and ends after market close in US on Friday. ...

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