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Trading Strategies

Whether you trade Currencies, Stocks, Commodity, Bullion, Options or anyone, decide what type of trader you are.  There are 4 types of Trading Strategies popularly used. Swing Trading: This is one of the most popular trading strategies.  Traders hold their orders longer than day trading(1 to 7 days) and focus on identifying Patterns, Support & Resistance levels and Range Bands ...

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Who Trade Forex?

The Major Players of Forex Market: Global Banks: Global Banks account for most of the volume in Forex Market. In fact, Deutsche Bank, Barclays, UBS, JP Morgan and Citi alone account for half of all trading volume in Forex Market. Central Banks: In many countries, Central banks are given the responsibility to smoothen  the flow of money to and from the country and direction ...

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Advantages of Forex

Advantages of Trading Forex: As a Trader, one can find so many reasons and advantages in Foreign Exchange Market. 1. 24 Hour Market: Since the Forex Market is world-wide, trading continues as long as there is a market somewhere in the world.  Trading starts when market opens in Australia on Monday and ends after market close in US on Friday. ...

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