TDMA System

Best Forex & Stock Market System for Intra-day Trading using TDMA Strategy:

TDMA Strategy(Currencies/Stocks/Nifty/Commodity):

This Strategy is a Trend Following Strategy.  This TDMA Strategy is purely based on Price Action Reading, which is used by Professional and Institutional Traders.  This Strategy can be used in our everyday trading.  Though you follow Strict Money Management Principles, you can earn up to 20% Profit per month with 80% Winning Ratio.

TDMA Strategy Features:

  • This is a Trend following Strategy,
  • Best Strategy for Intra-day and Swing Trading,
  • Very useful System for Beginners and Experienced Traders.
  • Very, very, very… Conservative Method of Trading.

3D Strategy

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TDMA System:

This System is based on TDMA Strategy.  This System provides you Buy/Sell Signals directly on the Chart.  Though you follow Strict Money Management Principles, you can earn up to 40% Profit per month with 80% Winning Ratio.

TDMA System Features:

  • Scans 17 main Currency Pairs Trend Directions and displays in a Dashboard
  • Alerts you every Signal with Popup Alert and Sound.
  • Gives you 5 to 10 Buy/Sell Signals of Currency/Stocks directly on Chart every day,
  • Gives you 15 to 20 Buy/Sell Signals of Nifty directly on Chart per month.

3D System Dash Board


With this TDMA System;

  • We don’t need to switch between the Time Frames,
  • We don’t need to check each and every Chart to check the Trends, Confirmations and Entry Points.

These Tools provide you everything;

  • One Tool shows you all required Time Frames in a Separate Window.  So, no switching in between the Time Frames.
  • Another Tool Scans the Charts and displays on Screen showing you the Trend in the different Time Frames and gives you the final conclusion.
  • What else?  It gives you Popup Alerts with Sound each and every time you get an Entry Signal in Charts.

3D System's Buy Signal in USDJPY on 10-9-14

What you get?

  • Complete Strategy Instructions Manual,
  • Complete Setup Software with Indicators and Templates,
  • Videos; How to Setup Charts and How to Trade the Strategy. showing you the Entry & Exit Points and Money Management Videos

All are Packed in a DVD and sent to you by Courier or through Dropbox.

Buy the Complete System for $199 $99 or Rs.9000/Rs.5000/-

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